Blasting mats


Jowenko B.V. (the Jowenko Production & Service Company) began producing blasting mats after acquiring the necessary machinery and equipment from Rubber Recycling Utrecht B.V. in January 1993.

Blasting mats are manufactured from lorry tyre treads, and can be used for an extensive range of applications such as protection against dust and debris emissions when explosives are detonated. In fact, this is the most widely used application for which the mats are used. Blasting mats are an ideal protective covering material, greatly enhancing the safety of both employees and the public.

The most important benefit of explosive mats is that the air pressure produced by an explosion is easily released, while the mat itself hardly moves at all. Tests have demonstrated that blasting mats are the best possible protective covering material.

A second beneficial property is that the use of blasting mats offers a cost-cutting, time-saving solution. Another frequently-used form of blasting mats are for the prevention of ruts. These mats form an ideal temporary roadway in muddy subsoil conditions, without the risk of movement inherent in the use of steel planking.

Blasting mats are also used in traditional demolition operations, for example when demolishing high structures close to other constructions. In this form, the purpose of the mats is safety and damage prevention.

Technical specifications:

Explosive mats are produced from the treads of steel-banded radial lorry tyres.

approx. 900 kg. per mat

in rolls

Transport capacity:
approx. 20 rolls per trailer/container.
Fibre specification:
galvanised steel cable
construction: 6 x 24 + 7,
diameter: 13.7 mm.
ultimate tensile strength: 1960 N/mm2


Standard dimensions:

300 x 400 cm.