Sponge blasting

With clean, dry, dust-free and recyclable technology Sponge-Jet gives you, the books protect both results what is important: the environment, your assets, your employees and your profits. With Sponge-Jet allows you Sponge Rays. This process is very delicate dirt from sensitive surfaces such as stone removal. It is possible to radiate across a concrete paving stone in an aggressive mode, within 7 seconds.
The type of sponge (Spong Media) in combination with the applied pressure determine if cleaning delicate or going to remove aggressive. It is possible to find the golden mean.

What can you do with Sponge-Jet?

With Sponge-Jet systems can be cleaned selectively paint stripping (or remove contaminants) and achieve profiles from 0 to 100+ microns (4+ millimeters). It replaces less efficient technologies like conventional jets, operations (mechanical) tools, beams with high-pressure water jets and CO2. The quality Spong Media abrasives are used for restoration, cleaning and profiling.

Why Sponge-Jet?
Dangerous emissions

In all sectors are high concentrations of toxic substances, arsenic and heavy metals associated with blasting operations. Spong Media absorb the majority of potentially dangerous emissions, resulting in less exposure to harmful substances from the staff, less liability for facilities and lower costs associated with compliance, testing, litigation, treatment and health care in the long term.


The cost of corrosion is estimated in the US at $ 276 billion annually. 80% of all cases of coatings failure attributable to improper preparation of the corresponding surface. Sponge-Jet is the ideal surface preparation in the most difficult environments, and thus prolongs the life of all coatings. As a result, the cycle of constant maintenance and downtime is interrupted.

Equipment failures

Equipment failures can be disastrous. Instruments, electronics and rotating equipment can all premature failure when exposed to abrasive dust or water. The Sponge-Jet technology eliminates up to 99% of abrasive dust, improving overall reliability of equipment and facilities.

Eye injury

Rays and the related work are a major cause of eye damage. 1,000 cases of eye injuries a day cost just in the US workplace $ 300 million per year. Sponge-Jet is reflected not like other abrasives, thus reducing one of the major causes of eye and other injuries in the workplace.


During an investigation at shipyards did shine as the leading cause of fugitive emissions from the bus. Dangerous particles (<10 microns) cause problems in the upper airways, smog and global pollution. The Sponge-Jet technology captures up to 99% of these emissions, protecting the environment and human health.


Downtime one factory can be more than one million per day. Downtime associated with surface preparation always takes longer because mechanics, welders, electricians and other professionals can not work in the vicinity of blasting equipment. With Sponge-Jet, you can quickly complete your project.